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Welcome to Cafestia - the new classical, European coffeehouse in Phoenix.

We have modeled Cafestia after the European coffeehouse concept by combining a rich love for superior coffee, an unparalleled variety of flavor-driven cookies, and an innovative knack for designing specialty pastries. Cafestia meshes these qualities into one elegant and relaxing environment, where you will experience the European lifestyle in your own backyard, with all its hospitality, décor, taste and community – all tangible reminders of an old and cherished way of life of the utmost simplicity, but often-neglected luxuries.

Cafestia has its own coffee roaster where the coffee is freshly-roasted on-premises. Our European cookies are the perfect accompaniments to coffee & tea - tasty, light, and one-of-a-kind. Enjoy a complimentary Koulouri (a biscotti-type of cookie flavored with imported European spices) with each coffee & tea! Cafestia pastries are designed and hand-crafted on premises, exemplifying those of the European patisseries.

Throughout the day, you will find the Cafestia atmosphere ideal for all your needs, be they business or pleasure. In designing Cafestia, we aimed to bring the European coffeehouse concept to Phoenix, sacrificing none of its uniqueness, exuberance, and appeal. We are confident that you will notice these differences. Click here to read more about Cafestia...

Cafestia is located on the northwest corner of 20th street and Camelback, directly behind the Bank of America and adjacent to the Post Office. More details and directions...

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