Strictly speaking, everything, is new!

We encourage you to view our menu and the pictures in our photo gallery to get a feel for what we are about. But quite simply, Cafestia is all about bringing the European coffeehouse theme to Arizona - the theme that started in Europe and proliferated throughout the world.

A few of our most recent additions with which we are especially proud are:
  • Our specially imported (from Europe) coffee roasting machine
  • The completion of our patio - modeled after classical architecture in Greece and Italy
  • Our new line of hand-crafted European pastries - each one is carefully designed to perfection!
  • A new line of European cookies - perfect compliments to any coffee beverage
We now have available for purchase our koulouri, coffee, and other items for your enjoyment at home or as gift purchases. Bring the best of Cafestia into your very own home!